Reply To: Has anyone had their child pull hair


I have ADHD and suffer from trichotillomania as well… and I agree with the fellow-posters that it is a common OCD/Body-focused repetitive behavior used as an outlet for mounting stress. Knowing what it is, and why it is, however have not yet helped me conquer my pulling. It’s exceptionally frustrating and the more others point it out the more obcessive it tends to become for me. I’ve have periods when it was less obtrusive- such as when I pulled from the back, lower hairline and no one could see the bald spots. During more stressful times, like in graduate school, I started pulling from my front hairline and that was embarrassingly noticeable. I did as one reader suggested and started wearing my hair in a ponytail but that was quite frustrating as well because it did not address the underlying reasason I had a compulsion to pull, it just took away my outlet, making me more stressed. I’m sorry that I don’t have a great answer or suggestion for you, I just wanted to add another perspective. I’m following this post as well to see if others have found solutions that may help me too:)