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Checkout the website (I think that’s the right site page, if not it should come up in a search) He may have ADD, but like me, not the classic type. This is a helpful article from this site:

Are There Really 7 Types of ADD?

I can very much be the same way, taking everything personally. I was once diagnosed & medicated for depression and assumed that was the cause of the short fuse. I’ve been off antidepressants for a decade now but was recently diagnosed & medicated with a stimulant for ADD. It helped at first but then my temper got short again & negative thoughts & whatnot. Anyway, the Healing ADD book is awesome because it shows brains scans and how the ADD works in different brains and has different symptoms. It also has supplement strategies for all the different types if he doesn’t want to be medicated (though I know it is sometimes necessary and after reading that book, because it makes so much sense, I might even be open to an antidepressant again if it is what I need to get out of the hole while I get other systems in place.)