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I had no idea other people felt like I do. I mean I had a sense that other adults had struggles, but seeing the posts here really let me know I am not alone. I know my current position is not a good fit for my skill set and has too many distractions, but I am concerned about going somewhere else that is more strict about punctuality and that may end up being too hard for me to handle.

I feel I would be good at a desk job if I didn’t have to handle inbound calls and walk-in customers. I also think I’d be good at dealing with call-in or walk-in customers if I didn’t have to process a lot of information and paperwork. I like helping people by phone like tech support and things of that nature. The interactions are brief, pleasant, and have specific goals for me to reach, which is really motivating for me.

I think ultimately I have to do my best to look for jobs that will interest me and allow me to use my strengths and then feel out the environment and culture there, then go for it. I have to trust God to take care of me. He hasn’t let me be jobless or destitute so far. 🙂 (I did lose my home once, but I still had a job and lived with family until I got back on my feet.)

I find it hard to be motivated to get my resume together and the thought of managing phone or in person interviews when I already have a full time job and kids in middle school with practices and events is just crazy to me. I can barely keep up with everything in my head as it is. I know God will guide me thought this. Just have to take it a step at a time. Instead of applying for a bunch of things at once, maybe I do three or so at a time so if everyone responds I don’t get overwhelmed. Any tips? Thanks in advance.