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Hi! Unfortunately – I have to agree. I tend to take things far more personally than I should, too. I don’t want to assume the worst when stuff like that happens, but it’s really hard to remind myself not to, and I think part of the problem stems from some of the struggle for us to make and maintain good friends. I was diagnosed late in life, too, and have always struggled socially. Also, it’s really common for ADHD to be combined with other issues like anxiety or other sensitivities… lots of resources on this site!!! My best suggestion, from experience, is that if he’s unaware of what he is doing and is not seeking or receiving therapy (so he does not have specific tools to work with to deescalate) is to perhaps let him blow off some steam and once he had calmed down a bit maybe he’ll be more receptive to looking at the situation from a different perspective. It works for me. It’s not always pleasant for my partner… but we’ve also talked about it enough that he knows key phrases to catch my attention and get me to just STOP and recognize that I’m over-reacting or not necessarily putting proper perspective on something. Good luck!