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I’m sure you don’t want to start your interactions with this school by saying you’ll report them for non-compliance, but they absolutely can not pull a 504 plan because they say so. Your son’s compliance IS optional…theirs is not 🙂 They seem to have it backwards. (You’re not crazy, this is sadly not uncommon!!)

I think you will find a gentler means of working WITH the school if you look up the law and see about the parent support network in your state (may even have something locally you can use). I only know for NJ, where I am. We’ve never had IEPs but both my sons have 504s and we’ve had good and bad times over the past few years. I know what it’s like to not want to go in guns-blazing but also wanting my son to get what he genuinely needs. Sigh…wish it were always easy! Do you know anyone “inside” who may be able to help your position? Also, look up the parent support for your state – every state has this by law to help parents just like you in times just like this 🙂