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Apparently my first attempt to post a response glitched out, and the page wouldn’t let me repost the response because it flagged it as a duplicate post. So, here goes again…

I’d like to chime in with regard to the philosophy of finding the job that is the “perfect fit” for you, or finding your “dream job”, I tend to agree with what Mike Rowe said to a fan who asked him about finding the right job. Mike’s response can be found HERE. The meat of his response is in the last couple of paragraphs of his reply to the fan, starting with the words, “Stop looking for the ‘right’ career”…

Before I was aware of what Mike Rowe said to this fan, I was already implementing some of his advice–not because I’m especially smart (far from it!)–but because of life experience, which I have gained a bit of in my 47 years on this earth. Of course, as an ADHD’er, much of my life experience has come from the “school of hard knocks”. As Dave Ramsey says, I have a PhD in D.U.M.B.

I’ve stopped looking for the “perfect fit” for my ADHD and have been looking for a “good enough” fit–basically a job that, while I might not LOVE it, is at least a job that I don’t HATE.

I do agree that we ADHD’ers should have the goal of finding work that plays to as many of our strengths and as few of our weaknesses as possible. For instance, I know from experience that I CAN NOT work an office job. I need to be moving around, working with my hands, solving problems, serving others. My current job as a pest control technician for TERMINIX fits that bill pretty well. There are things I don’t like about this job, for sure. But there are enough things I DO like that it keeps me engaged, and I am in the process of “becoming indispensable”, as Mike Rowe advises in the link I posted. My longer term goal is to probably start my own pest control company in another location, once I’ve saved enough money for startup costs.

Anyway, that’s my two cents’ worth.