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Yes, I feel cursed. I feel as a person with ADHD, like anyone else who is “different” in this world, I have it tougher than most people the whole way down the line. And sometimes I think I have it even tougher than people with other “handicaps”, because my “handicap” is invisible. People just think everything is always my fault and I should just change. And should be punished if I don’t.

I have to deal with people who are intolerant of who I am and what I do, no matter how hard I try not to do whatever they don’t want me to do or be like. I have people patronizing me and telling me what to do all day every day. And there is at least one person per day who actually tries to tell me that I am evil and they know everything better. That I just have to do xxx and I will be miraculously “healed” (from myself?). No wonder I don’t want to go out.

But did you know, because I can’t “filter” out the “unimportant” ideas in my head, I have had ideas that, in a small way, have changed the world? Like the talent show I started at my high school as (a very irresponsable and chaotic) president of the choir back in ’77 and that is still held every year and has produced some amazing talents? Or just small ideas and encouragements that have changed other people’s lives forever and given them strength to go on? And they are still going on, and encouraging others to go on, like a snowball of good happening in the lives of others?

And did you know that the initiative resulting in my chronic extreme aversion to any type of boredom has brought many good things to life (that more capable people have continued doing after I had to stop because of my inability to “keep at it”)?

Yes, and there are many more things I could list. Yes, “the world” makes it very difficult for people like us. But not everyone does. And there are alot of fearful things happening to us which we can’t avoid, which makes us feel out of control. But surviving these things and not giving up gives us a fearlessness and strength which few “normal” people can achieve.

So, I’m truly sorry for everyone that has to deal with prejudice against ADHD traits. I truly feel your pain! Oh, do I feel it!! But know there are people out there who need you just the way you are. You just need to let them get near you. There is joy to be found despite the pain.