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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user wana be me in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I am just joining these groups this is my first post. But bburgastros82 really hit home for me. I was never diagnosed figured it out on my own late in life (over 40, now I’m over 55) and have been trying to do it alone since, but the guilt, shame, anxiety and depression are all now to much.
I have long moments (hours-days) of ‘frozen’ as you call it. Because I am in a very ADHD non-compatible environment (so I have learned) as I am self-employed, no family, children or even close neighbors. For 30 years I just worked 24-7 to keep ahead of the shadows that haunted me when I stopped and let them catch up. At 55 I am too physically and mentally tired to out run them. And I am forever feeling over whelmed.
I agree that just getting up and doing a small task sometimes helps break the feeling, and I am learning that in a day or 2 it will usually pass and I will be back to my usual over-achiever self. But I must figure out how to control the feeling that I am ‘not worthy’ of a vacation, or a minutes rest, that reading a book in the middle of the day is lazy and I should always be doing something.
I agree Penny’s ideas are good and usually help me, but I find I start to hyperfocus on making the lists and deciding when and how to do everything and then it all still takes 10x longer than it should. And I find a new way to be frustrated.
No real point to this post… just saying your not alone.