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Kevin Ju

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Thanks for the input, all.

Penny, I completely agree with you. My son gets way more screen time than he should, but I also understand the reasons why he enjoys it so much, so I think he actually needs it to some extent.

I had read info like you posted about using it to help the brain focus, but I hadn’t thought of that lately, so thanks for the reminder.

I’m okay with the extra screen time as long as everything else is taken care of. The priorities have to be right, and currently they are not. I found that he is ignoring some school projects and failing to put in the right amount of time on studying for quizzes, etc., just so he could play more. That’s not gonna fly with me, and his grades are fluctuating more than normal because he’s not focusing enough attention on studies. For that reason, screen time will be going down considerably between Monday and Thursday nights, but he will get the time reinstated on Friday – Sunday. He’s got to learn to get his priorities right.

It’s so hard, because I know all the benefits he derives from the games/videos, but he also has to learn to buckle down despite his difficulties. When real life suffers because of the games/videos, adjustments have to be made.

If he were more willing to go outside and play and do some physical activities, I wouldn’t be so worried, but he does nothing anymore. I can’t get him to go for walks, bike rides—nothing. I wish we lived in a neighborhood where there were kids around. I think that would make a HUGE difference.