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Kevin Ju

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I too completely agree with @Topcatte’s comment. He’s doing remarkably well for a teen with ADHD. While they often do reject the diagnosis (, they also suffer for it. Your son is excelling in school and that’s phenomenal.

Your best approach is to leave the label behind, and focus on his strengths and interests, and teaching or offering strategies to overcome weaknesses (like leaving the keys in the door).

Many adults with ADHD use a “home base” system. They put everything they need to exit the house with in one spot, close to the door. So it would have their keys, wallet or purse, shoes, eyeglasses, backpack, etc. right there in one spot. To help your son notice when he’s left something behind, you can label exact spots of each item. Then, when his key spot is empty, he’ll know to look for the keys and get them in their spot at “home base.”

You can use apps to help as well. There are so many great time management, to-do list, and routines apps. I think teens are more likely to use technology than anything else too.

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