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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user Sandman2 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Can you tell what time of the day this happens? Is it late at night? Does she eat a good dinner? Also depending on the sport – you burn a lot of calories. I would be supplementing her diet with protein shakes, etc.
And if her meds cause her to be even a little bit less hungry at dinner, she could get really, really hungry later on. Start buying protein bars, fruit, etc so at least she is getting healthy stuff.
The medscape article mentioned above on binge eating is a good one. This is a follow up with many good suggestions on ways to overcome this problem. The link is

One other thought is that since she is fairly recently on meds, it may be that she hasn’t hit the right dose yet for the Adderall. Docs go low and go slow waiting on parental feedback to assess when to increase or decrease meds. And if the parents aren’t really sure what to look for, then it is very possible for the child to be either over or under medicated. Here is a good link on what to look for –
finally, here is a pretty good link on ADHD and Anxiety
Hope this helps.