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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user miko+ink in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hi ColbyS,

You have decided to go forward with the medication, nice. Here are some tips that worked for me. Go slow, keep a journal of your moods, eating, and sleeping habits. Trust your instincts and make your own adjustments then share the results with the psychiatrist. This is a conversation that will help you to trust your decision making.

In regards to your family, well they will always have something to say. Listen, be polite, and make your own choice, voice it, give them an opportunity to help. If they choose otherwise, so be it, you are not responsible for their feelings. Every time I am unsure of a direction, I look at the facts, the pros and cons, and the outcomes for me and the people close to me. Talk to your husband, show him your research and your potential for better health through a plan of action and ask him to help. Ask him what he needs from you, consider it — is it achievable? If so, commit to working on it, if not find a Plan B with him. This is hard but can be surprisingly affirming and hopeful if both of you see this as an opportunity for something new, a clean slate.

If you feel an emotional overload coming on — step away and find a way to release it with minimal damage to him or you. Prepare yourself for which way he chooses. Know that if he decides to be unsupportive, fine, if he starts to put you down… this is abusive and will only get worse. Tell him how these behaviors make you feel — if he comes around great, if not — then start pulling away to protect your health so you can get better. Remember this is a rough patch, go slow, once they see the changes in you, they may come around. What matters is that you find stability in being yourself.

Hope this helps.

Take care,