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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user Notwaving in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I am really pleased to have found this thread — as the parent of a teen and wife of an adult with ADHD. My daughter started on medication at 11 years — two years at least after diagnosis. I overcame my doubts at the time by thinking of the damage being done to my daughter by the endless negative feedback from school, including peers. She had decided she was ‘dumb’ by age five. In her teenage years she has shown resentment of medication and been supported and encouraged to give it up by a school counselor and school house matron (no experience or knowledge of ADHD between them). She and they blamed her ADHD-related anxiety and disordered eating on it. She failed her exams as a result.

I continue to feel high levels of guilt and continue to read as many research papers on aspects of methylphenidate as I can.

It seems to me that the research evidence is huge and hugely persuasive — very few studies find negative outcomes.

I applaud your efforts — if they persist, ask your family to look at the research evidence. For yourself, I wonder whether it’s worth considering keep a short diary of days off and on medication. Look at the number of negative episodes — of all kinds — that you experience on and off the meds. And make your own mind up.