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Devon Frye

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Hang in there mom! I was in your shoes not quite a year ago…although I had always suspected she had ADHD, getting the diagnosis rocked me in ways I never would have predicted. My daughter had some behavior issues at 6 but she was never malicious or mean — just super impulsive and it would at times disturb the safety of other children. She is a gifted child — very intelligent and very bright but that almost made things worse in school — she wasn’t challenged enough so she wasn’t forming good learning strategies. Anyways, we began a medication and it was way out of my comfort zone…I was terrified. But, I was also afraid of what her impulses might lead to and she was beginning to form very low self-esteem. At first she seemed…different. We had a great doctor whose son has ADHD and she said right from the start if she seems like she’s not herself anymore then just STOP giving this to her and call me right away and we will move on from there. That gave me comfort. But things settled after not too long and she began thriving — she would say she didn’t feel like herself in the beginning because I think it was strange for her to have the ability to control her actions, she said she felt different in a “less wild and free way.” She was still the same girl to us just less wild and unruly. We only give her medication before school, it wears off before evening falls and we take weekends off unless we are going somewhere where her behavior might be unsafe (like Six Flags). Honestly we only changed doses once and the medication has worked beautifully for us — hang in there mom <3