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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user Susannec in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I’m a clinical dietitian who works with Mental Health patients, some of whom have ADHD and many who have issues with weight, part meds and part lifestyle, environment and diet.
Most important advice:
1) dietitian’s definition of ‘diet’ is ‘what you eat’, meaning a diet is lifelong, not a short term thing to lost weight. You are right on with eating for health and not weight loss.
2) Forget calorie and fat counting. Google MyPlate or Balanced Plate and encourage her to work towards that model. Help her out by getting the rest of the family to work on it too.
3) read some Brian Wansink literature, Slim by Design, etc….great stuff to help keep your environment (and plate size!) from being a problem. Follow as much of his advice as you can.
4) check out the above comments, especially the behavioural stuff…. A huge part of not eating healthily is behavioural and emoitional….the other part is the whole ‘balanced’ thing (protein and starch/carbs at each meal for your brain and appetite control but half a plate of veggies for low cal nutrition)
5) don’t forget activity – make it fun and social….but remember that you can’t outrun your fork…keep portions reasonable smile
6) find ways to make the healthy stuff delicious. Food should be a pleasure not just sustinence smile
Hope you have found at least one of these ideas will help you and your daughter out! Take care!