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Kevin Ju

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It could be impulsivity. It could be emotional eating. These articles offer some help with weight when one has ADHD:

The only successful diet for anyone is the lifelong adopting of a healthy lifestyle.

I am an emotional eater. I’ve never been able to overcome it. In recent years I have made the move to more nutritious foods, which has helped some.

My teen daughter has anxiety and is also an emotional eater. In the last couple years she’s gained at least 20 pounds, and is devastated about it. However, she refuses to eat nutritiously, which is the reason. I tell her that her health is more important than her weight, but our society bombards teen girls with the message that they must be super-thin.

I will mention too, SSRI’s are known to cause weight gain. (I take an SSRI for fibromyalgia and my daughter takes one for anxiety). That could be part of the equation for your daughter as well.

It’s a tough situation, and I certainly don’t have answers.

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