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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user graceeeee in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I am quite a bit older than your daughter. However, I am a professional counselor, had been diagnosed later in life about my ADHD, and have dealt with overeating most of my life, although have never been extremely obese. Attend Overeaters Anonymous, which helped me get my weight/eating under control and stabilized. Reason why I’m telling you all of this is that I have seen many many people in recovery undiagnosed for ADD/ADHD. What I know is that depression and impulsive behavior is rampant for ADD/ADHD. Also, for me, Prozac caused me to gain weight and not care about watching what I ate. I switched to an antidepressant that worked much better for me. Many drugs/anti-depressants can cause weight gain (whether doctors acknowledge this or not), it’s more what it does to our thinking, and that can be the cause of the overeating… The one other thing I wanted to mention was that behavior modification and/or a drug for ADD/ADHD may benefit your daughter, as well. The sooner she starts to learn ways to work smarter, having ADHD, the better off she will be the rest of her life. I can see from my behavior changes and others I know that have it, that have not make strides to change behaviors, that it makes a very big difference in the quality of life we will lead. There are counselors that specialize in ADD/ADHD and will work with her to learn behaviors to help her overcome/deal with ADHD behavior. I will pray for your daughter’s healing and applaud you for paying attention and wanting to be proactive to help her improve her life and lifestyle choices! The earlier the better!!