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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user AnnieOz in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

When I get overwhelmed sometimes it comes down to telling myself I will get rid of one item. That item can even be a small piece of trash. I also tell myself (and mean it) that if I do nothing else it’s ok.
Sometimes I just need to see that starting the task will not totally overwhelm me and I won’t fail at it.
Remember, as wonderful as our brains can be, they also lie to us.

I see in your post that you may feel you can’t do it, that this will take the path it always has. You may have thought this so many times that it’s almost an unconscious thought. Start telling yourself different things, even if you don’t believe them. I can do it. I will do it. If we hear something enough sometimes we actually start to believe it. This can be for good and bad things.

Also, if you do have a nice friend or relative don’t be afraid to ask them to help, and don’t compare yourself to them. Clutter is visible, but everyone, no matter how functional and mentally healthy, has something.

If someone is truly a good person they will not judge you and will help.

I ended up hiring the teenage daughter of an acquaintance. I told her what I wanted moved and what to look for going thru things. She was not judgement and was happy to get some extra cash. She was also cheaper than a professional. Which would be my first choice.