Reply To: Son, Sophomore in High School

Allison Russo

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This new medication doesn’t seem to be getting him angry ….maybe just irritable, but not sure how much is his age as well. He is now on Dexmethyphenidate. I am trying a different strategy after having read some of the articles posted to this thread:

1. My son said last night that he studied for his test and did his homework. We didn’t badger him after reminding him once…My wife and I said OK and left it at that. He got a 60 on his Italian test,but surprisingly texted my wife ” guess i need to go for Italian extra help.

2. He didn’t do well on his English test and said that he would read chapters twice in the book now. We have an in class support teacher but he didn’t think he could help with these chapters. We disagree but my wife kept silent and let it be. I am going to talk to him later that if the next go around is a failed grade, he HAS to use the in class support teacher.

My son is smart. He researched all of the parts needed to build a computer about a year ago. I held my breath, invested in the cost and the computer has been up and running since then(short of some hiccups and a virus)

It’s really tough trying to lower my expectations. College is not that far off ( he is a HS sophomore). I am a firm believer that education is needed to get ahead in this world. I have a masters degree. My daughter is attending Penn State. I just want the best for my son.

Sorry for venting at length but finding the right balance between expecting alot V acceptance and “letting go more often” is rough.