Reply To: Son, Sophomore in High School

Allison Russo

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Lean, thanks.

We don’t weigh him down with college. I never bring it up to him .He has enough on his plate right now.

This was just my own worry, wanting the best for him and ability for him to go to college

We do have a good relationship, go to the movies (we both like action and sci fi movies) and the periodic Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

He is basically a good, respectful kid and doesn’t have any behavioral issues at school. He is into computers and about a year ago voiced interest in building his own computer. He researched the parts and I invested in him. We went to the local computer store and he picked out all the necessary parts. Short of some hiccups and periodic virus the computer runs smoothly.

Its just been rough recently with trying the meds and the fighting to remind him to do homework / study along with the constant push back.

I guess typical teenage boy into the computer games and electronics which doesn’t help the ADHD.

I like the idea about house conference and will see if he is amenable to that.