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Allison Russo

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Thank you so much Abner,

Yes, he knows he has ADHD, but he truly doesn’t have a clue what that actually means!

In all honesty, I didn’t really know what that meant until I did some research. This is new to all of us as well. Hubby is NOT a reader and neither is my son so I have to basically do the research and then try to feed the information to them.

He is ultra sensitive about just about everything and I’m so scared of doing more harm than good. That being said, he is pretty out of control and has made life a bit miserable for everyone at home….himself included.

Dr. Eric, my daughter NEVER back chatted me, we had the usual ups and downs of raising a child and on occasion, she had to be punished. Usually by having privileges taken away. This always worked with her.

In the case of my son, nothing like that works. He argues EVERYTHING, from eating supper to showering, going to school, brushing his hair, the volume on the radio etc. A “no” to a request, ANY request turns in to an hour or two hour long argument and fight. Trying to firmly say “No” and even giving a reason and then walking away to signify that there is no more room for discussion simply does not happen. If we say no, he will follow us all over the house and not stop arguing his point. Even if we stop, look him in the eye, listen to his argument and then still say no….he will then argue that we don’t listen to him. If we call him up on that and tell him that we just did, the argument escalates, usually at this point he will bring up some other thing to argue about….some evenings we’re arguing three to four hours long over something like saying no to letting him play on his play station the night before an exam.

That being said, he has only just started on his Concerta, we’re waiting, and praying for a miracle on some level. Just a calming in order to be able to speak with him…..that hasn’t happened quite yet. He goes back to the psychologist on Thursday and I’ll be sending a journal of my observations of his behaviour since he started the Concerta, I think he might have his dosage raised a little? (I imagine the psychologist will do some tests?)