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Allison Russo

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Hello, Joyce I did take your very good advice, I told my son that I was sorry I accused him of plagiarising his project. He then admitted that he was not the author of the paper he showed me – fortunately he said he had not submitted it to the school and didn’t plan to. I’ve had the sense he is feeling overwhelmed by the project, because he has severe issues with information processing, and tends to “shut down” when confronted with a big assignment. So I asked if he might want a tutor or coach help him get organized. He said yes, so we’re in the process of looking for someone.

Perhaps in the eyes of some, this amounts to enabling .. But before you make that accusation, ask yourself: would you be ready to send your 21-year-old (who has an emotional-maturity lag of 4 or 5 years because of ADD) … thousands of miles away to live in a foreign country where he has never lived and has no support system?