Reply To: Young Adult Transition

Allison Russo

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He was in counseling and was medicated from age 3-18. I did ride him every single day about homework. He’s watched his sister graduate with honors, full scholarships. She rode him every day too. He would not bring homework home. He said it was stupid and a waste to get a diploma (I have a masters degree, and he sees where it got me). He was independent with medication, knew it worked. He slid through his senior year in a school that didn’t care (and no option to send him anywhere else until we moved). The day he turned 18 he stopped meds and counseling. Started his new school in August and it was even worse than before. It is like he has a “rules don’t apply to me” attitude. he still thinks he did nothing wrong in all the jobs he had and it was always bad managers.

Joyce, thank you. #2 is where we are. This is what led to him leaving in January. We told him education or he’s paying rent or out the door. He left in the middle of the night that night. I watched him beg for help from family (who didn’t give in) and stumble a lot. He now says life kicked him in the *$$. Thank God for that realization.

I hope he gets the help he needs. Or once again, he’ll be out. We only texted each other during his time away, and that wasn’t often. that seems to work best for us. I think I’ll type up some rules today before he arrives.

Oh and I plan to call and get some counseling for myself, hopefully my husband will attend some as well.