Reply To: Young Adult Transition

Allison Russo

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I’m sorry you are going through this. My son turned 18 last summer. He graduates in June high school. He got accepted to UCLA. My husband worked with him or on him since 6 grade, we got him therapy then cause he was depressed in a gifted school and didn’t have friends. We would be on him daily to do homework study cause his ADHD made him very lazy. In high school he made friends and seemed happier. He is very smart but can be lazy. He got all A’s in high school but like I said we rode his a$$ about it. Finally in 12 grade he started to mature and now does his work without us telling him to. And taking his medicine daily on his own. My advice to you would be to ride him, nag to get a job and start taking medication so he can focus. Maybe get him therapy too . Good luck