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Allison Russo

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Thank you. My mom’s boyfriend thinks I have something against my son or that I am hard on him. He said I am not loving or show him love. I told him of course I love him but when I feel drained and when he doesn’t listen I am just not in the mood. It’s just a way I am when I get annoyed I just pull away or I just prefer to stay away from him.

I am now in my room cause my LO is napping and he is in his room. It is so quiet and peaceful. I try being calm. I am calm just when I have to repeat myself that’s when it goes away and I yell. I told him I am done with the yelling and if he can’t listen he just needs to remain in his room cause I am just tired and drain from this cycle of yelling and frustration. He does moan but he stays in his room. His mentor comes tomorrow. He spoke to him well we last week and his behavior hasn’t changed. He knows what’s being expected. He just doesn’t care or want to do it cause he don’t feel like it. Like he say. It’s tiring. He just wants to play and have no chores. I try even as to give him the least chores and it’s a problem so I told him he’s giving me a choice of removing him out of the room and sleep on the floor. A room is not a right is a privilege. He has no toys in the room cause before he wouldn’t pick them up and I would trip so there was a moment I would just call for him in the doorway. I had enough and remove the toys out.

He then questioned me Sat why I throw his toys away. Like really who is he to question me cause yesterday we went to the park and I told him once we are done to go home and showered. I went walking and he left with my DF but went I got home from my walk my DF told me he didn’t shower. Like I got upset. Who was him to question why I do things but when I tell him something he ignores me. I told him to shower today. He told him he wanted to watch Pokemon thats why he didn’t shower. I told him IDC he could of showered first before watching Pokemon.