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I have been in the same situation as your husband. We men tend to find it difficult to ask for help. I was reading attitude magazine and the article asked: “are you ready for a coach?” That question started me on a career to become an ADHD coach and seven years later I still can’t do without my coach. I now have a terrific relationship with my wife.
Ari Tuckman wrote the book and has an excellent website entitled “Understand Your Brain Get More Done”. The book focuses on understanding the executive function deficits that hold us back and finding strategies to make it easier to get started on those tasks that you mentioned.
These are the four things that he recommends from a clinical standpoint.
• Family education as a clinical intervention.
• Effective medication options.
• Coaching for better time management, organization, and self-esteem issues.
• Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety, and more.
A well-trained ADHD coach can help you coordinate all of these elements that are essential to a highly fulfilled life.

Bob Hathcock – ADDventure Coaching