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Devon Frye

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First, I would change tutors. The attitude of his current tutor is doing way more harm than good. He needs someone who understands ADHD and learning challenges.

A timer even at school could help him with managing time and not stressing about how much time he does or doesn’t have. Something like the Time Timer gives a visual of how much time is left and is great for individuals who struggle with time blindness: They even have a Time Timers smartphone app now, so he could be discrete with it.

Ask that teachers ensure that your son has assignments by taking him aside and discretely having him explain what he needs to do and how he’s going to get started.

Ask for breaks. It can be as simple as allowing him to walk in the back of the classroom for a couple minutes or even just put his head down and close his eyes for 3 minutes.

Since it sounds like he has slow processing speed, ask for extended time and/or reduced assignments.

Many high schools have a guided study hall for students with learning challenges. If that is available to him, definitely request it, but also request that he’s getting plenty of help not just with assignments and homework, but also with study, social, and life skills.

Here’s more on accommodations for high school:

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