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Hi Mochadia,
I feel your frustration. I am the husband (53) with ADHD married 23 years to non-ADD wife (54) and we’ve had our battles. I was just let go from my job last month because I was always late to meetings and not being prepared. This is my 5th job loss since we’ve been married but this one hit her harder than the rest. My wife keeps demanding me to change into something impossible for me to be. Your husband can improve with medication, counseling, and coaching but he cannot change completely and will take time.. You have to decide weather you can be happy staying with your husband and accept the way he is knowing he will never grow out of it. He will most likely continue to forget appointments, neglect house chores, have employment problems, and future accidents if still allowed to drive. That also concerns me for your safety and others if riding in a car with him driving. Based on what you’ve said, I’d never get in a car with him behind the wheel. I wish you and also your husband a lifetime of happiness.