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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user Chanelelisef in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hi Kayla, I’m so glad I found your comment… I actually made an account just to respond! I’m Chanel, 24, and working as an Acute Medical RN in Canada.

I was originally diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive) early 2015. The diagnosis explained a lot and I was relieved at first- like many. I started taking medication to help me get through my days in an attempt to fix 22 years of issues in one day- it worked well but the side effects from many medications didnt seem worth it to me. I’m currently taking dexedrine spansules which really help me feel motivated and alert while at work, but came with terrible nausea and extreme weightloss. I sometimes wonder if there is another way to treat all of this, you know? I then began to feel maybe all of this just wasnt for me… that I didnt actually have ADD, or that I was just lazy, unmotivated and that I had somehow been misdiagnosed… that it was just all thanks to personal character flaws… “my own fault due to lack of strength and willpower”, not a biological and genetic condition.

Very recently (Today actually!) , I actually stumbled upon an article by Dr. Hallowell regarding the difference between ADHD and ADD because I was feeling rather frustrated and stigmatized as well- from peers at work of all placed! I immediately began laughing at the descriptions he wrote about because I honestly couldnt believe my eyes…. someone was writing out my life- piece by piece. every little quirk or trait that I was ashamed of growing up…. it all added up to this lovely thing we call ADD. So I read every article on his site and bought his book “driven to distraction” this morning. its phenomenal so far- I’ve sent it to every member of my family, as well as my boyfriend who happens to have a new ADD diagnosis as well.

I would highly recommend giving it a read and maybe passing it on to your family. even reading a few quotes to my friends today had them going…. “wow I cant believe those are symptoms of ADD” or “I just thought it was for little boys who cause trouble in grade school… I had no idea!”

I hope you find some comfort in your diagnosis. I’m personally so excited and thrilled to have found this community and all of these resources. I’m really ready to step into a new year and take my life into my own hands for once- a fresh start!

Congrats on getting some answers, Kayla! Feel free to drop me a msg any time. sounds like we lead very similar lives!