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Thank you for your insights. He remains highly skeptical, although the neurologist father now recommends we seek out a specialist in adult ADHD, and I think he (my husband) is becoming more open to it.

In the meantime, our marriage is broken and I am exhausted. I have spoken to close friends with ADHD partners/family members, and without successful treatment it sounds like a very difficult life. It has, thus far, been a difficult life.

In my situation, I think what complicates the diagnosis is that my husband has a very high IQ and has numerous adaptive coping mechanisms (high caffeine intake, rigid habits, near daily strenuous exercise, very loving family, a very good workplace fit) that mitigate some of the symptoms overall. But in our marriage, his behavior has been a constant stress that I feel very alone in navigating.

For those who may find themselves in a similar situation, I found this article helpful: