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Hope @ ADDitude

This reply was originally posted by nexus7722 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

For what it’s worth, my ADHD husband is a GREAT father, but horrible with chores and with details, which can sometimes be scary. Our 18-month old hit his head on the tv cabinet because my husband zoned out and didn’t see him fall.

That being said, if he has a routine schedule, he is good with childcare and really wonderful father. I will say… and this may just be with my husband… introducing a baby was really really hard for him in that his symptoms just exploded. I think it was the huge increase in chores and the lack of scheduling.

Honestly, if you both want a child, wonderful and you’ll make it work. If either of you is on the fence, though, don’t do it. Even without the ADHD, parenthood is the most exhausting (but wonderful) second job you’ll ever have.

As the parents of a young toddler, we are always exhausted and I’m always stressed trying to (let’s be honest) also parent my husband. Both are worth it. But, boy, I’m tired. <3