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Devon Frye

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Hi there,

Your doctor has not been very helpful. I don’t know if your saw your family doctor, but it is best to see a pediatrician who is knowledgeable in this area, or a child psychologist. You definitely should not have to make this decision on your own — rather you need to work with the doctor. If at all possible, see if you can find someone more helpful.

Here is a link to information about medications:

If you can’t click on it, copy and paste it into your browser.

My 15-year-old daughter (her issues are mainly focus, attention, same as your daughter) is taking Vyvanse, a stimulant. She needs a long-acting medication to get her through the school day and for homework in the afternoon/early evening. As 20Beth13 said, medications act differently on different children, and you don’t know until you try.

All the best!