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Hope @ ADDitude

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It is difficult and I’m sorry to hear you two are going through this. Long term unemployment destroys more than just one’s bank account. Contract work tends to suit us ADDs especially if our spouses’ jobs carry the benefits. Often I can finish up a contract before I manage to offend more than 50% of my colleagues.

There are many creative ways to try and hide gaps on one’s resume and you can find most of these online. Of course the recruiters know these as well so it really makes me wonder if it’s worthwhile. I have a similar problem with employment gaps and work in a semi-specialized field.

@GHM recruiters for staff augmentation firms don’t find you a job. They work for their clients. If you don’t match closely the client’s core requirements the recruiter won’t even return your phone calls. So unless you’re paying them, they don’t have your best interests at heart. All they’re trying to do is fill an order. I’ve been dealing with them off and on for 20+ years, and put them on about the same level as the average car salesmen. I have a few that I notify when I’m looking for work, but I have few expectations.