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Hope @ ADDitude

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It’s difficult, and I’m sorry that you’re going through this. My husband has been in the same boat for 10+ years. I begged him to just call a headhunter and let them do the legwork. He would on occasion, but there was little follow through, if any on his part. They hate asking for help, but the search is overwhelming, especially for someone with the challenges of ADD and it’s comorbid conditions. Find a decent employment agency and interview with them. He can probably find contract/temp work with them and get his foot in the door. He’ll be bringing money in and at least feel as though he’s contributing.Hopefully, keeping his confidence and self-esteem up. In the meantime, the headhunters can look for a permanent position. A lot of their opening are temp to hire as well. Keeping his spirits up and being productive are key. Best of luck!