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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user Arthur in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Dear LuckyGirl,

ADD with perhaps other (hidden) learning difficulties may mean (in my case will mean) that any task that involves writing documents (even as basic as a diary) will take an excessive amount of time and mental energy for less than minimum results.

I would recommend NOT to spend your time & energy doing these types of academic tasks (reading, writing, memory work, linear sequencing etc); instead pay someone else to do them; even if it means a reduction in your own income; you will have more peace in you life instead of torment. There are no tricks or advice that will make these types of task quantifiable easier or quicker for an ADD brain.

Best wishes,

PS: Running you own business is a good choice of career for a person with ADD; but you will need help! Do not waste you time & energy in areas of weakness!