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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user spanishpeanut13 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I am heading into work this morning to officially disclose my ADHD. The management team already knows that I have it, and they have been willing to accommodate me to a point thus far. I haven’t disclosed to HR, but will be today. A friend reminded me that it is better to be honest and ask for help, before getting in trouble for something I had the opportunity to change. I am not excited about having this conversation with the management, but I know that I can be very successful at what I do if I had a few “life hacks” to get myself on track. I don’t handle disappointing others well, and my fear of failure is the reason I’m asking for help. If you need it, ask for it. Equality in the workplace isn’t about everyone having the exact same thing, it’s about everyone being able to have the same opportunity to succeed.