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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user fivecorners in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Help! I’m really struggling with disclosure at work. I’m in the first ‘100 days since diagnosis’ with adult ADD. I work for a large, unionized Canadian employer. I disclosed to my immediate supervisor and although he was very understanding and continued to “work with me” to help me to decrease my ‘careless’ errors, my coworkers were on the warpath. Ultimately I got written up because of their constant complaining. I was at my wit’s end, thinking I might have a LD. Got tested and the Good news: no LD; the Bad news: ADD. I let only my immediate boss and my union rep know: both suggested I get a copy of the psychologist’s diagnosis placed onto my HR file (to cover my butt going forward).

I’ve yet to take this step (as everything I read in sites like this advises against it!), but I’m close to doing it and here’s why: I took a new job this week, as soon as I completed a course I started two years ago, that would qualify me to do something more suited to my strengths, with this same employer. I started and completed this course BEFORE I knew I had ADD. I’m now in a new dept with this same large employer and into the huge learning curve that goes with my new role. New supervisor who’s no clue as to my issues, etc. Although I know this job’s more geared to my ‘passion’ than the other, I’m anxious & depressed. Anxious re: my future with it and all of the little careless mistakes I’m sure I will make – and depressed about the others and how they’ll come to resent me and my ‘accommodations’. I’m a single mom, late diagnosis and I need to work.