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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user Shanson1980 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Good Morning,

Recently last year I landed the job I always wanted. I always knew I had some major focus issues but I was able to still get my BA and MBA. When I started this Executive Senior Management job I realized things were a lot tougher with how my mind works. I decided to finally seek professional help and was diagnosed with ADHD. Unfortunately it was a little to late for my job. I still have the same job but 3 months into it the CEO left and the two other Senior Executives went on the attack. I lost some job duties and lost 25% of my pay. I am still here because I still really enjoy this job. I also teach as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at a University.

The thing is when all the job stuff was taken from me I just sat back and said nothing. I was just informed to listen and that I could possibly earn it back (which is not an options really). Even though I’m really good at keeping a great attitude all of this gives me anxiety and frustration and I don’t know if I should just sit back or say something. Any Ideas?