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Allison Russo

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The key to the change that you seek is first to find one vital behavior that will make the biggest difference such as instituting a launching station (a single place where your wallet and keys go), getting out the door 10 minutes early, or find something nice to do for someone else. The thing that worked for me was that I bring a cup of coffee to my girlfriend as she is getting out of the shower. That gets me up and going every day. The next thing you have to do is to measure how well you are doing meticulously. That is, write down how many times you do it each week. It helps to write it down in a place where you see it constantly. It should be something you really want to do. I hear you when you say that medication has not worked for you in the past however it may be the single most effective thing that you can do by experimenting with the different stimulants and finding the optimal medication option. You must deal with the depression and anxiety perhaps through talk therapy, and you could definitely use a coach. Call me if you want to talk 828-331-8014.