Reply To: What organization plan has worked for your child at school?

Devon Frye

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I have similar issues. My daughter is in 7th grade, gifted IQ, and about to turn 13. She is drowning and so am I. I have been to three meetings at school already this year. Everything we try works for maybe a few days or not at all. She is taking Ritalin and while it does seem to help with her impulsivity, it doesn’t seem to be helping her with school much anymore. She has two issues. She LOVES to read and then obsesses, daydreams, thinks constantly about the books. Secondly, they have her working on the iPad which distracts her even further from what she is supposed to be doing. They took her off the IEP in the fall and gave her a 504. But nothing is helping. I attend CHADD meetings, but I feel like it is the blind leading the blind there. They have good speakers but I can’t implement anything to help her. I am now considering either home schooling her (I can’t believe I am saying that) or putting her in a special ADHD school. I know there are a couple of them around here but I haven’t really looked into them. I feel like I am letting her down.