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Devon Frye

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Hi Suxie!

I have been doing everything in my power to help my son. Everything, and then some. I can only do as much as I am given — when we don’t get assignments, homework, dates for tests, etc, I can’t do a thing to help him.

You said of teachers: “They simply do not have the capacity…” Yet, the law says that the school must create the “capacity” to help students with disabilities.

That’s the big problem — the law is not followed because it’s never enforced.

Yes, I’m frustrated. My son’s teachers are good teachers. All of them seem to be quite organized.

In the two classes where there’s the addition of a SPED teacher every day, he has much more of his homework and a sense of what needs to be done, and he has A’s and B’s in those 2 classes. In the other classes, where it’s one regular ed teacher responsible for all students, it’s a hot mess and he gets zero extra help.

Why, because there isn’t enough “manpower” to help the kids with disabilities in those classes. So, instead of doing what they need to do (the law requires that decisions for SPED students can’t weigh the financial aspects), they just let these kids fall through the cracks.

He should have an aide for the classes without a SPED. That seems obvious to me, given the cavernous gap between what he accomplishes with SPED teachers in classes, versus no help at all.

The bottom line is that SPED is grossly under-funded and not really enforceable.

I like your idea of checking teachers’ online resources to get the best teachers in high school. My daughter is graduating this year and went to the same school my son will all 4 years, so I already have a small list of teachers I will refuse for him to be placed with (including my daughter’s math teacher that told the class ADHD is a crock and kids just don’t want to do the work).

Yesterday I was informed that my request for a new IEP meeting was granted for 2/8. I asked that it be confirmed that ALL classroom teachers will attend this one — so far, no response. If all teachers aren’t there, I will tell them to reschedule and walk out. It just shouldn’t be this hard.

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