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Devon Frye

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I’m in NC (one of the worst states for education).

Yes, the accommodation to check his planner was in his IEP. Then teachers weren’t doing it so his SPED teacher last year was spending the last 15 minutes of every school day reviewing his planner and making sure he had his homework — he was going into his last class.

His SPED teacher this year has a class last period so she can’t do that.

I can’t recall if the IEP still says that teachers will check his planner or if it’s been changed. This is a constant discussion at every meeting and in frequent emails from me in between meetings. Doesn’t matter what I do, it never happens.

Case in point: I sent the email to the teacher and cc’d his SPED teacher, curriculum specialist for SPED for our district (who was at last IEP meeting) and the principal on 1/17. I said it seemed like we needed another IEP meeting already (had one on 12/12) because the plan we came up with in the meeting wasn’t being followed. I asked specific questions of the curriculum specialist. It’s now 1/23 and the email hasn’t been answered by anyone other than my son’s teachers. I get ignored in the hopes I will cool my jets or forget about it.

The whole thing is exhausting — I think schools make it such on purpose!

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