Reply To: What organization plan has worked for your child at school?

Devon Frye

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Penny that just SUCKS and I’m sorry. I was in the same boat where no teacher would follow the IEP or the BIP. But then COMPLAIN that my son was disrupting class. I too involved the head director, and I know the feeling, it would get better for a week and then BAM back to normal.

Do you have any charter schools in your district? If so, maybe check them out? Now is the time of year (at least in my area) that applications and lotteries are held for the spots. We ditched traditional public and went charter (a free school that is funded by your state, but ran separately from the district). Even though they don’t have all the same resources the public school had (like a dedicated SPED teacher and room) — their teachers are more involved and dedicated, the teacher/parent communication is so much better and my son has soared in the environment. Accommodations are implemented easily and consistently.

If a charter school is an option in your area, I’d definitely check them out.