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Everything you guys outline are great ideas and I’ve asked for most of them, but classroom implementation still doesn’t happen.

In years past, I have consulted the board’s Director of Special Services (SPED) to try to move things along. She retired a couple years ago and the new director is much more difficult to get to. When everything fell apart last year, I tried to call her and she was on medical leave the rest of the year. Even when you get Directors for the county involved, it gets better for a week, maybe two, then back to leaving him to fend for himself.

He could never manage the number of materials and the complexity of the system that @PumptoDuncan’s child uses. My son’s executive functioning deficits are LITERALLY off the charts.

Right now, we have one very large zippered binder, because they aren’t allowed to carry their backpacks through the school day (wish they were, that would help substantially). His agenda is in there and all papers are supposed to go in there. No teacher checks to make sure he’s using it and reinforces that system, except Math class where his SPED teacher is in the class every day. Otherwise, the agenda is completely blank week after week.

Our school has no online system for homework. One of my son’s teachers posts homework every afternoon. However, he doesn’t upload the document associated with the assignment. So, we will know he needs to complete a SS worksheet, but, if it didn’t make it home in his binder, wadded up in his backpack, or folder in his pocket, we don’t have the worksheet and still can’t do it.

Last year, his English teacher refused to post assignments online because he wanted to “teach my students accountability while in the classroom.” Argh!

And, for those teachers that do post assignments, there are three platforms (websites and logins) for them to individually choose from. Many of our teachers don’t even have their bio or email address on their staff pages.

SO… our 8th graders all have school-issued laptops this year, which added another item to carry in the binder and deal with. I decided to try something different and ordered a laptop bag with handles and extra room. In the extra room he will have his agenda, and one color-coded and labeled file folder for each class. The idea is that he can easily grab his agenda to use it (instead of getting his giant, heavy binder out, unzipping it, turning to open to the agenda, trying to balance it on the desk with the laptop attached to one side, and write in it and then get it all packed back up). My son is excited about the idea of this new system, so we will see…

OF COURSE, I’d love for him to be self-sufficient and be able to manage this without teacher help. Of course, that’s the goal. But, we can’t get there without all teachers on the same page and reinforcing and supporting the same system every day.

I continue to fight…

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