Reply To: What organization plan has worked for your child at school?

Devon Frye

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Penny — my son is in 8th also and I have accepted that we aren’t there yet.

As far as teachers signing the assignment notebooks — I only have that in place for 2 classes. (My son’s go-to is to skip this homework because it is such a challenge.) He gets a homework completion “grade” and teachers post regularly if homework is missed — so I routinely reconcile if anything was missed and whether the notebook was signed. If he didn’t write it and they didn’t initial it — they can’t hold it against his grade. It is a daily exercise and I do think the more I stay on top of it the more compliance we are provided. Now full disclosure — I am paying tuition so that makes a difference…but it is a fine line, because if I am too requiring they can invite us to find another school 🙁

Regarding projects — I am just still in it! No end in sight although I am hoping 11th grade.