Reply To: What organization plan has worked for your child at school?

Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user Pump2Duncan in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

For my 13-year-old son, who is also SO unorganized and forgetful, we got those zipper binders. Each class has it’s own binder, and in that binder is everything you’d need for that class (its own paper, notebook, pens, pencils, erasers, etc). Each binder is brightly labeled on the front and sides with the name of the class it belongs too.

During class, if he’s given any homework or class papers, he just puts it somewhere in the binder and then zips it closed (3/4 of the time the papers are just shoved and crumpled in there, but I don’t care, they’re in there). All binders come home each day so he can open each up and check. Completed homework gets put back in the zipper binder and then a big brightly colored post it gets put on the front that says “TURN IN HOMEWORK.”

The zipper binders have helped, and so have post its — the big neon colored ones, and Sharpies. If he’s given an assignment, he immediately writes it on a post it. As assignments get completed or turned in, the post its are thrown away.

A lot of my son’s assignments are on Google Classroom. Which he will completely forget about when he gets home. So after all other homework is completed, his final step is to double check every Google Classroom to ensure there isn’t any homework.

Every Friday is Backpack Day. After school, I go through the backpack myself and bring to his attention anything that he might have just shoved in there and forgot about. This Friday, I found a history assignment that wasn’t started that had been due the day before. He did it over the weekend and turned it in for partial credit.

Not bringing his backpack to class has also helped. The backpack in class meant everything was just thrown into the black hole — aka the backpack — and everything ended up getting lost.