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Devon Frye

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I know the school has to comply with the IEP. That doesn’t mean much of anything here — they haven’t been implementing it in the classrooms for years. I don’t have the means to hire a lawyer.

My son’s teachers think we are asking too much of them; even his SPED teacher says that. They all just want him to suddenly be able to manage it on his own like all the other 8th graders.

We had an IEP meeting 3 weeks ago where the SPED Curriculum Specialist for our high school (who also covers our middle school) said that he will be using more technology in high school and that technology could be a great tool for him and laid out a plan for his teachers. His SPED teacher seemed exasperated. Only one classroom teacher was there, so no one implemented.

The plan was that everything paper goes in his Google Drive. Each student has a school-issued laptop and they said he should just take pictures of the assignments to put them in the drive, then do it again when they are complete. That doesn’t happen. When we tried to do it at home, we took well over a dozen photos of worksheets with the laptop and they still weren’t entirely legible. At first, the curriculum specialist said the teachers should upload all the work and all the notes to his Google Drive, but the SPED teacher said no way, too much work for teachers who don’t have time.

For many years up until now, all I asked was that each teacher check his agenda and binder and make sure he has what he needs for homework and studying for tests, and that he has turned in everything he has in his binder completed. That has NEVER happened, not even when he had one classroom teacher.

He’s in inclusion classes, despite having a gifted IQ just because of his poor executive functioning. His SPED teacher is in his math class every day and the other 8th grade SPED teacher is in his English class every day. He has B’s in those classes. Then, he’s left to fend for himself in Science, Social Studies, and Electives, where he barely has C’s and only has C’s because I’ve worked like a dog to try to help him keep up and get missing work to complete.

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