Reply To: School to Drop Daughter’s IEP

Hope @ ADDitude

This reply was originally posted by user Priscilla Carter in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I am a School Psychologist as well as a mother to an 8 year old ADHD child. I agree with you. 6th grade is not the time to take her out of Special Education. The transition to Jr. High is such a hard one. They need to monitor her without the in-class-support and see how she does. Her grades will go down if she is already experiencing this kind of stress after two days. Even if they don’t I would fight to keep her IEP at least on a consultation basis through 7th grade. Contact the School’s Psychologist and see if you can get some help from him/her about this. You can also go to your state’s education website and look up your rights as a parent. You are a voting member of the IEP meeting (or whatever they call it where you are). You are sometimes the only one to fight for your child. The school is not out to be unreasonable, they are just so stressed to make sure they are “being legal”.

However, just because she has met all her goals does not mean she does not need special education. There might be other goals/needs she has that can and should be added to her IEP. If they are wanting to phase out the In-class-support they could write a goal that includes something about her advocating for herself and asking for help/clarification when she does not understand something. If the general education teacher can not take the time it will take to explain it to her again then she can be sent to the special education teacher for explanation, then go back to class to get her work done.