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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user Evey_0718 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I was diagnosed a little over 4 years ago, at age 27 and overall the initial feeling was euphoria- it felt great to know that there was a “why” behind 99% of what made me feel like the oddball. After staying connected with reading articles and learning more, I could finally put the pieces of my life together that seemed to be scattered everywhere. But oh somedays, even periods of months have been challenging- and at times feeling very cursed, leaving me feeling like “Why me? How does everyone else just show up on time for stuff without effort or stay on task so easily? Why am I the one who can’t stay committed to a routine?”

I could go on forever with filling in different scenarios and questions. I have gone for so long trying to change me just to fit and though I am very much a work in progress, I’ve learned that instead of trying to change who I am to “fit” into society’s unforgiving, cookie-cutter template of what I should be, I should work more on self-love and acceptance. I’ve learned that even though I didn’t ask for life to turn out this way, I can still make the best of it by playing to the many advantages I’ve learned about. If nothing else, I’ve also learned that I am a worthwhile person, who is loved, and has just as much potential to do great things, just as much if not more than the next person.