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Allison Russo

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Hi @LFP!

There are many, many studies that have shown no correlation to sugar and behavior.

That said, of course there are some individuals who are much more susceptible. And, just about anyone who binges on sugar will certainly be bouncing off the walls.My son used to sneak into cookies in the wee hours of the morning and eat as much as half a box at a time. We could always tell when that happened because he was 90 miles an hour.

I was simply pointing out the science, and what’s true for most. Americans eat far, far too many sweets. A child should have less than 10 grams a day, and there’s 12 grams (I think it is) in one 12 oz can of soda. Just from a health standpoint, sugar should be minimal.

Avoiding all artificial and processed ingredients is best for all of us, but especially kids with ADHD who are often more sensitive to these things. My son can’t have red #40—a red Gatorade for him is like Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde. It’s brutal and ugly. We realized the correlation the 3rd time he had it, and that was his last, well over 5 years ago.

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